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Taking One of the Cruises Out of Galveston Tx

Cruises out of Galveston Tx helped the city’s tourism to boost. Because of the cheap cruises offered by the cruise liners in Galveston port, many are grabbing the chance to experience cruising the Gulf of Mexico and the Western Caribbean.

Those who are not from Texas and not anywhere near Houston must know this fact, Galveston is a sleeping giant. Why? because, Galveston is rich with so many tourist destination to be proud of, more abundant than the states near it. It is called a sleeping giant because for so many years ago, Galveston was not known and appreciated for the natural beauty it possess.
Experience Galveston before Cruises Out of Galveston Texas
Only until recently that the city of Galveston was given the opportunity to make its way up to the top visited places by tourist. All kinds of entertainment are found in Galveston, from water parks, museum, historic buildings, casinos, clubs, beaches, and cruises out of Galveston TX, name it Galveston has it! If you have booked a cruise in Galveston, never leave the city without a memory of its tourist spots.
Cruising Lines offering Cruises from Galveston TX
Because of the cheap rates of cruises offered in Galveston, many are having doubts and second thoughts on the quality of service they will be receiving if they avail of the offer. To erase all these uncertainties about cruises out of Galveston TX, let us get to know the cruise liners docking in the port of Galveston.

  • Carnival: Carnival Triumph

The carnival triumph is known as the floating monument. By just looking at it, you’ll get awed by the size and length of this cruise line. When entertainment is the subject, Carnival Triumph will have an edge against other cruise liners because of its line-up of equipments for fitness and entertainment purposes, you will surely want to live for the rest of your life in this cruise liner. If you feel hot and you want to take a dip in the pool, you won’t have to worry about getting a full pool because there are 4 pools available on Carnival Triumph.

If you want to play sports with your friends, you can play basketball or play on the liners mini golf course. There are 17 bars scattered on the cruise liner, 7 Hot tubs, a beauty salon, casino, disco room, internet, laundry, library, showroom, spa, and kid’s facilities.

  • Carnival: Carnival Magic


If you are spending your cruise with your family, Carnival Magic is the right cruise liner for you because this liner is made and designed to fit the needs of families and also friends to share memorable times together. You can have a palatable meal together with your friends and family in the many restaurants available in Carnival Magic. More or less, Carnival Triumph and Carnival Magic have the same amenities and equipments aside from the additional entertainment packages of Carnival Magic such as the Seaside Theatre and Video Arcade.

Cruises Out of Galveston Tx

  • Royal Caribbean: Mariner of the Seas

The Mariner of the Seas is the most advanced cruise liner in Galveston. The liner can hold a total of 3, 114 passengers without the feeling of getting overcrowded. The Mariner of the Sea can boast for its recreational equipments such as a basketball court, an ice-skating rink and a rock climbing wall. You will never be bored on your cruise while at sea because of the availability of these recreational facilities.

  • Princess: Crown Princess

From all the Princess Liners, Crown Princess is the largest among them. The Crown Princess has a capacity of 3,080 passengers with over 900 balconies for each room to enjoy the beauty outside. Its amenities and recreational facilities are pretty much like the rest of the other cruise liners but Crown Princess will stand out in sports and fitness equipments.

So far, from the all the cruise liners offering cruises out of Galveston Tx, only Crown Princess can offer a good game of tennis with its on board tennis court.

Disney Magic was built on the year 1998. This cruise liner was built to possess speed, power and style. Disney Magic can give you and your family a great time with its amenities and entertainment facilities. What this cruise liner lack is a casino and a library but other than that, they have everything to entertain their passengers and make cruises out of Galveston Tx an experience worth remembering.




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