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Iquitos – Having The Fun And Excitement Of Peru Amazon Trips

From Iquitos, situated in the northern sector of the Peruvian Amazon, it is the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve that you’ll enter. Iquitos is typically reached by taking a flight from Lima while Puerto Maldonado is accessed more easily from Cusco . The time available will be the major factor as far as travelling schedule is concerned and whether or not you’ll be able to go to other places in Peru.

Iquitos is far bigger than Puerto Maldonado and, actually, has the distinction of being the largest city in the world that cannot be reached via land transport. Arrival to Iquitos can only be made by river or air. Instead of growing due to tourism, this city boomed in the late 1900s due to rubber harvesting. The advent of rubber farms in Malay was the point when this massive growth came to an end but 1960s saw the commencement of another golden era once oil discoveries were made in the region. Recently, tourism has contributed to the city’s vigor.

Flights between Lima and Iquitos take nearly 2 hours. Service is offered to Iquitos by Lan and Star Peru. You also can travel to and from the Brazilian or Columbian border by boat. Boat may also be your means of transportation into the jungle itself.

Because of its unusual location of being a thriving city at the fringe of the jungle, Iquitos is a study in contrasts. Mud huts can be found here as well as mansions. In the adjoining waters, travel services are offered by small native canoes belonging to natives and there are also holiday cruise liners offering lavish services. The mixture of new and old, indigenous and modern, is fascinating and compelling so you may want to allow yourself a couple of days to soak up this unique atmosphere.

If the objective is to connect with local people living according to their traditional ways of life, it is advisable to head off for the northern parts of the jungle as the southern jungle areas are best-known to provide exotic wildlife viewing. In the northern parts you can find ayahuasca which usually is a psychotropic made from vine discovered exclusively in jungle areas.

This is not to say that there isn’t any wildlife to be viewed in the northern region of the Peruvian Amazon. You can easily find unique and exotic types of animals like giant turtles, monkeys, caimans and also various rare species of birds. Among the highlights here are the pink dolphins. It is a general rule for moving out in jungle that farther you move inside into remote areas the chances of seeing wildlife increase. Another option that can be taken is seeing the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve from Iquitos. It’s the largest reserve within Peru and a great area of biodiversity. One of the highlights of the jungle in this region is a canopy walkway, situated high above the jungle floor. It offers an exceptional view for observing the rainforest and its inhabitants.

Tours could be as short as 2 day but if you desire to experience great thrills and unique wonders of nature, try to invest a bit more time so that tours may take you deep into the jungle areas. All quality levels in accommodation are available in the form of numerous lodges. During the tours you’ll be offered many activities to embark upon and consider investing some thought in order to choose those that are of high importance so far as your interests are concerned.

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