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Luxury Lodging On A Machu Picchu Tour

If you were thinking that Peru and luxury travel don’t mix, think again. Those with such beliefs will definitely be surprised with the high numbers of quality accommodations that are available in Peru. More importantly, the most popular places like Machu Picchu and Cusco has many top level hotels. Style and exact nature of services will no doubt be different in most hotel, but in each option you will surely have the highest standards of luxury and comfort which is expected by visitors spending considerable amounts for top level hotels. The style is really important to check in advance as you don’t want to be paying out top dollars for a lodge style ambiance, no matter how lush, if you want a boutique hotel.

Machu Picchu

When it comes to luxury with location, it’s not easy to beat the Sanctuary Hotel, the one located right at the archaeological site of Machu Picchu. You don’t get any special privileges with regard to the site but there’s nowhere else you can sit in a Hot tub and gaze out on this world wonder. On another note, some tourists are of the view that accommodations places do not rate the price tag when pitting against the event of moving into the pueblo below. The top level options here are Sumaq hotel and Inkaterra’s Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. Inkaterra’s property is a deluxe lodge surrounded by private nature trails where one can see a variety of birds and orchids. If you’re looking for a traditional hotel, Sumaq is a good option and has a top level service as well as a restaurant that has got rave reviews from guests. Comfort factors are taken care of in both these hotels along with the amenities and services that tourists would expect when booking this level of accommodation.

A newcomer, set to start in late November 2012, is Casa del Sol. This is a luxury boutique hotel with 28 rooms including three rooms that have their very own private Jacuzzi tubs overlooking the river. Comfort factor is the same when compared to Sumaq and Inkaterra but the price is lower. The one and only drawback of this place is the simple fact that the front side is near to railway tracks and people who like perfect peace at night may prefer the rear side rooms.

Cusco/Sacred Valley

It is like every year a new option is included in luxury accommodation in Cusco. The Palacio Nazarenas hotel which is owned by Orient-Express group was started in the year 2012 having a total of 55 suites for luxury visitors. Another excellent choice if you prefer a suite is Inkaterra’s La Casona. Monasterio is definitely the most talked about entry in this group, however some people feel that the rooms are too small for the price tag, a side effect of being in a historic building and not being able to make changes to the walls. Addititionally there is Casa Cartagena. Plaza Nazarenas is the spot where all these hotels are located and it takes just a small walk to reach Plaza de Armas. Andean Wings and Aranwa are centrally located lodging options built in with a boutique type feel.

If you’re going for Sacred Valley the distinguished choices are Wellness, Libertador’s Tambo del Inca, Hotel Rio Sagrado belonging to Orient-Express and Sacred Valley Hotel by Aranwa. These are all located in or near Urubamba. For those who are looking for beautiful hotels with more of a relaxed and tranquilizing feel the choices boil down to Kuychi Rumi and Sol y Luna. These two feature private lodges or casitas offering lots of privacy and are perfect for small groups traveling together or families.

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Finding Luxurious Hotels On A Peru Tour

Peru’s luxury travel industry has grown swiftly over the recent past, especially in the two largest cities; Lima and Arequipa. As in the rest of South America, visitors can experience the very best high end hotel accommodations.


When it comes to finding yourself in the lap of luxury in Peru’s capital city of Lima, there’s no question that Miraflores Park Resort is where it’s at. A great thing about being at the hotel is that idea that there is close proximity to water as well as popular shopping and dining spots. The property belongs to Orient-Express, a name you’ll quickly learn if you are a luxury traveler. The company Orient Express has two fantastic hotels in Cusco, a state of the art place in the Sacred Valley, a great hotel and the just one that is there at Machu Picchu’s archeological site and what’s more they also have in their arsenal a wonderful European styled train service named as Hiram Bingham operating between the archeological site and Cusco.

Another top choice in Lima having a much different feel, is the Country Club Lima hotel. Located in San Isidro which is close to Miraflores, this is an elegant hotel dating from 1927. All the environment here is quite classic styled which is pretty different from other deluxe 5 star hotels in Lima where you get all of the modern hotel facilities. Beds are large and cozy, there are three presidential suites and you’ll be able to take advantage of the golf course across the way if you so desire. Dining services are also fabulous and most of the guests prefer dining via the hotel’s award winning restaurant when there are no outdoor routines to be pursued.


Surprisingly, for such an upscale kind of city, there are not a lot of choices in the deluxe category. Strictly speaking you’ll find two main options, namely, Hotel Libertador and the Casa Andina Private Collection . The Casa Andina is built on a national historic landmark dating from 1794. It’s an absolutely stunning property where you will feel like you are in the midst of history. To make the most of the character here, be sure to ask for a room in the old section rather than the modern one. Another benefit of staying here is the vicinity with Catalina Convent, that’s one of the areas loved by visitors and also due to the fact that the main square is just 3 blocks away. Casa Andina also possesses one of its Classic hotels here so make sure you are booking the Private Collection if you’d like the luxury experience.

The Libertador is a large and completely modern property. Situated just 5 minutes from the main square, it is the city’s sole 5-star hotel. Apart from the luxury within the rooms there are numerous other facilities such as gym, Jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool for the guests. You’ll be missing the colonial elements of Casa Andina but apart from that there are all the facilities that you expects from a luxury hotel. For visiting the plaza one has to walk some distance but there are some great views to be observed from the terrace itself without the need to visit anywhere.

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