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Top Cruises from Galveston to Bahamas

The Bahamas is located on the Atlantic Ocean, southeast of the state of Florida and just north of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. The country is consisted of 29 islands, spread over 5,358 square miles. The city of Nassau is the capital and English is the official language.

Christopher Columbus first sighted land here in 1492, calling the island San Salvador, which is also known by its native name Guanahani. Today, the Bahamas is a popular tourist destination, with tourism providing more than 60 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product and more than half of the total jobs in the islands.

Vacation cruises from Galveston to Bahamas are available all year round, with the peak season from mid-December to mid-April. On the other hand, the off-season runs from mid-April to mid December.

Major cruise lines offering cruises from Galveston to Bahamas include Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Carnival, and Disney. With a remarkable selection of cruise lines to choose from, looking for cruises from Galveston to Bahamas is not only challenging, it’s also fun.

Choices for Cruises to the Bahamas

Royal Caribbean offers a one-of-a-kind Bahamas cruise experience aboard the Mariner of the Seas, a Voyager-class cruise ship. The ship has 1,557 rooms, with 939 rooms offering a view of the ocean. It is designed to accommodate 3,114 passengers and manned with a crew of 1,185. Some of the amenities and facilities include a rock-climbing wall, an ice-skating rink, mini golf course, basketball court, fitness center and spa, a casino, duty free shops, an excellent selection of restaurants, and Broadway-style entertainment.

Princess Cruises is proud to offer its crown jewel, the Crown Princess, a Grand Class ship designed to accommodate 3,080 passengers. The ship features a collection of great amenities and facilities for entertainment, dining, fitness, and family-oriented fun. The Crown Princess plies the waters of the Caribbean during the winter season and visits Europe during the summer season.

Carnival Cruises to the Bahamas is currently being taken care of by the Carnival Magic, a Dream-class cruise ship. Designed to accommodate 3,646 passengers, the Carnival Magic is the largest in the Carnival fleet and is also the largest ship built in Italy.

It features 24 hour room service, casual dining, coffee bar, karaoke, night club, live band music, pool and deck parties, seaside theater, sports facilities, comedy club, piano bar, sports bar, casino, fitness center, spa, and hair and beauty salon, to name a few.

Disney Cruise Lines takes the magic of Disney to the high seas with Disney Magic, a cruise ship built in 1998. The ship is designed to accommodate around 2,400 passengers and the ship’s horn plays its flagship tune “When You Wish Upon A Star”.

The Disney Magic features facilities and amenities, which include a youth club for children and teens, gourmet and quick-service dining options, live shows, nightclubs, lounges, pools, deck parties, spa and fitness centers, as well as Disney character appearances. As a family-centered ship, there are no casinos aboard the Disney Magic.

Finding the Best Bahamas Cruises from Galveston

cruises from Galveston to Bahamas

When looking for the best deals on cruises from Galveston to Bahamas, it is recommended to plan ahead. This allows you more time to consider your itinerary options. Be on the lookout for discount cruises from Galveston to Bahamas, which usually consist of last-minute cancellations and last minute discounts when management needs to fill slots fast.

One effective strategy is to visit travel sites specializing in cruises from Galveston to Bahamas. Visit these websites on a regular basis and watch out for last minute discounts, promotions, and inclusive fares. The best of the cruises from Galveston to Bahamas deals at the lowest prices are the rewards for those who patiently wait.

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Discount Cruises from Galveston – Saving Money on Your Travel

The city of Galveston is considered as the best port city offering Caribbean discount cruises from Galveston in comparison to other southern cities such as Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Most tourists flock to Galveston to take advantage of the benefits that other cities simply do not have. Galveston cruises are known for their competitive pricing and packages, making discount cruises from Galveston one of the hottest deals in the Caribbean cruises market.

Everybody loves discounts, who doesn’t? Ever since man learned the concept of trading and commerce, the prospect of getting something in exchange for something less than the normal price never failed to bring a smile to someone’s face. Just imagine your ancestors bartering for food (“Hey I got this spear for five shells instead of the usual ten.”), or your mother coming in from the grocery (“They just took off ten cents from the laundry detergent at aisle six, how nice of them.”) See? You’re smiling now.

Gone were the days when cruise ship vacations were reserved for the rich. Today, it is very common to see cruise ship offers below $500, making it possible to bring the whole family along. Cruise ship companies offer a variety of cruise packages at very appealing prices. Since cruise ships are designed to carry thousands of passengers at a time, the sheer amount of rooms that are required to fill allow cruise ship companies to use various strategies to create a profit. Likewise, you can also use several methods to find of discount cruises from Galveston.

A Few Things to Know About Discount Galveston Cruises

First, check if your planned vacation date is within the “peak season” or the “off season”. Peak season in the Caribbean is between the middle of December and middle of April. On the other hand, the off-season in the Caribbean is between the middle of April and middle of December. Even if you plan to take discount cruises from Galveston a couple of weeks before or after the peak season, you will be surprised with how low prices can go.

Second, make sure that you have read the prices correctly. Most cabin rates are based on a two-person occupancy scheme. In addition, check if the price quoted already includes applicable taxes, surcharges, and fees. Make sure that all totals add up correctly with no hidden charges. Review the specifics of the package, making sure that you are getting what you want.

Third, do not expect to get a hefty discount from cruise lines by going as a group. The most that you can get would be a 5 percent discount or a couple of extra amenities. However, do not be surprised if your group does not get any discount at all.

Fourth, discount cruises from Galveston also offer reduced prices for military personnel, police officers, fire fighters, and teachers. In addition, there are also discounts available for EMTs, health workers, and senior citizens. It is best to contact the cruise line company for documentation requirements to ensure eligibility.

Two Final Things About Cruises from Galveston

discount cruises from Galveston

Fifth, most cruise lines publish their schedules one year ahead, and many customers make advance reservations. However, last minute cancellations create an opportunity for discounted cruises from Galveston. It helps to check cruise travel sites on a regular basis. Just make sure to delete cookies from the browser to load updated information from the server.

Lastly, if you travel frequently and usually know a travel agency or two you can trust, stick with them. If you happen to be a regular customer, your travel agent would be more sensitive to your needs and preferences. This saves time and allows you to focus on just a few options for discount cruises from Galveston.

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Disney Cruises from Galveston – The Introduction of a New Ship

The Disney Cruise Line is owned and operated by Walt Disney Park and Resorts, a division of the Walt Disney Company. The Disney Cruise Line was launched in 1998 with one cruise ship, the Disney Magic. One year later another cruise ship, the Disney Wonder, has made its maiden voyage. Each ship can accommodate up to 2,400 passengers.

A third ship, the Disney Dream, was launched in 2011 and is significantly larger than the first two ships, able to accommodate about 4,000 passengers. The latest addition to the Disney cruise fleet, the Disney Fantasy, is scheduled to make its maiden voyage in 2012 and is also designed to accommodate 4,000 passengers.

Disney Cruises from Texas

Disney cruises from Galveston is considered as the best option for family vacations. Disney Cruise Lines ships are known in the cruise industry as the first cruise ships to be designed and built from the ground up as a family cruise ship.

Unlike other cruise ships, Disney cruises from Galveston do not have casinos onboard. To add a touch of classic Disney magic, all Disney cruise ships (including Disney cruises from Galveston) have horns that play the official flagship tune – the first seven notes of “When You Wish Upon a Star”.

Aside from Disney cruises from Galveston, Disney Cruise Lines also operate on several destinations including Alaska and Pacific Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal, and other Transatlantic tourist destinations. Each trip features fun-filled activities that the whole family will enjoy. To have an idea on how it is to spend a few days on a Disney cruise, here are some of the best onboard activities Disney cruises from Galveston has to offer.

What Galveston Disney Cruises Offer for You

Disney cruises from Galveston

• All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin. The 50-minute spectacular showcases musical performances, variety acts, and a parade of well-loved Disney characters.

Disney Believe. A Broadway-style musical production featuring 20 Walt Disney characters we have grown to love.

• Animation for the Family. Disney Cruise cast member will give lessons on how to draw some popular Disney characters for the young and old alike.

• Cabaret Shows for the Family. Feel the thrill of family-style entertainment with various magic performances, comedy routines, and the usual ventriloquist. This is a fantastic choice for a family night out.

• Dance Party for the Family. Got a new move you want to show off to family and friends? Get on the dance floor and dance the night away to the beat provided by the in-house DJ.

• Deck Parties. Take part in an open-air party with popular Disney characters. Also includes Pirates in the Caribbean-themed parties.

• Disney’s Aladdin Musical Spectacular. Enter a whole new world with this 50-minute musical featuring characters from Aladdin.

• Jackpot Bingo. Come play with Lady Luck in the lucky bingo game and win cash and other cool prizes.

• Karaoke for the Family. Do you want to share your music to everyone? Not a problem. Take the stage and sing your heart out to the tune of your favorite songs in true karaoke fashion.

• Mickey Mania Game Show. Show off your skills by taking part in this fun game show designed to measure how much you know about Disney. Games come in the form of movies, trivia, and music.

• Mr. Toad’s Wild Race. Play and compete with family and friends as you help your toad hop, leap, and jump to victory. Winner gets to be crowned “top toad”.

• Pirates Life for Me. Get some swashbuckling fun in the high seas as Disney’s two resident pirates host this fantastic games show. Teams compete with each other to win the Pearl. This game show is designed for teens 11 to 13 years old.

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The Best Cruises Leaving From Galveston TX

What could be more exciting than cruises leaving from Galveston TX? Everyone needs a break from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life. A 2010 study on happiness levels among the Dutch revealed that the simple act of planning a vacation could boost happiness levels on adults for eight weeks.

After the vacation, it shows that happiness levels remained high for two weeks, particularly those who described their trip as “very relaxing”. If it works for our friends from the Netherlands, why not for you?

Planning for a five to seven day vacation aboard a cruise ship normally takes weeks before you target departure date. With so many vacation destinations to choose from, why not choose something that will create lasting memories such as Caribbean cruise? Just imagine getting your feet away from dry land for a couple of days with a loved one or the whole family.

Think about smelling the fresh ocean breeze and seeing water and islands for miles in every direction, far away from the smog and noise of the jungle made of concrete, steel, and glass. From the moment you set your feet on the cruise ship, all you have to do is relax to your heart’s content.

Caribbean cruises are easily accessible from several ports from the southern states of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. If you want the best deals, it is highly recommended that you choose Caribbean Cruises leaving from Galveston TX.

Compared to other port cities, cruises leaving from Galveston TX are much cheaper, not to mention the fact that it offers a superb selection of cruise ships such as the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas, Carnival Magic, Carnival Triumph, and soon, the Princess’ Crown Princess and Disney Magic.
Cruises from Galveston TX: Meet the Ships
Here are some of the Caribbean Cruises leaving from Galveston TX.

1.Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas

This Voyager-class cruise ship features a wonderful collection of amenities, facilities, and activities that will make your vacation a one-of-a-kind cruise experience. The ship has 15 decks, 10 pools and whirlpools, 17 bars, clubs, and lounges, a basketball court, an ice-skating rink, a rock wall, and a mini golf course. For a taste of Las Vegas in the middle of the ocean, 283 slot machines and 16 tables await you at the Vegas-style Casino Royale.

2. Carnival Magic

This Dream-class cruise ship is the largest among the Carnival Cruise Lines fleet. According to the company, the ship is designed to provide fun to passenger on a 27/7 basis. It has sports facilities, fitness center, hair and beauty salon, jogging track, spa facilities, live music, karaoke, comedy club, nightclub, casino, and an assortment of dining establishments.

3. Princess Cruises Crown Princess

The ship is one of Princess Cruises’ largest, able to accommodate 3,080 passengers and boasts 900 balconies. The Crown Princess has a remarkable assortment of amenities and facilities for dining, entertainment, and sports and fitness. The cruise also features fun activities for children and teens.
Getting More at Galveston with Cruises Leaving From Galveston Texas
cruises leaving from Galveston TX

Most of the tourists who take a week long Caribbean cruises leaving from Galveston TX will find the city of Galveston worth visiting too. A significant percentage of cruise ship vacationers also visit the city before or after the cruise. Major tourist attractions include historical mansions, buildings, museums, botanical parks, beaches, a neighborhood of Victorian-era buildings called the Strand, the Elissa (the official Tall Ship of Texas), World War II-era submarine USS Cavalla, and the destroyer escort USS Stewart. The city also plays host to several festivals such as an annual Mardi Gras, a Victorian-themed Christmas festival, and a jazz and blues festival.

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Galveston Cruises Last Minute Deals

Going on a vacation normally involves planning days, weeks, or even months ahead of the actual trip. Sometimes, vacations and weekend getaways become more of a spur of the moment thing. Among the most important aspects of planning include transportation and accommodation, which takes up a substantial portion of the total expenses.

It is estimated that more than one-half of the total expenses incurred during a vacation goes to transportation and accommodation, which is why it is important to get the best deals at a price that you are willing to pay. This applies to prices for hotels, airlines, cruises, and tours, to name a few.

Aside from the usual hunt for the best deals, don’t you know that you could actually take it up a notch and save yourself a couple of hundred dollars more? It may sound impossible but if you know a thing or two about how the tourism industry works, you will be surprised with what you can pull off.

Have you ever wondered why Galveston Cruises Last Minute Deals are much lower than regular cruise rates? If you want to know how it works, read on.
Keeping It Low: Galveston Cruise Deals
In the tourism industry, an empty room, seat, or slot is an eyesore. Vacancies do not generate revenue for the company. Therefore, management has to find ways to keep rooms, seats, and slots occupied to maintain cash flow. Otherwise, they can throw any idea of making a profit out of the window.

One of the most common strategies used in the tourism industry is offering last minute deals at very low prices. Normally, cruise ship reservations are made about seven weeks in advance. This is practically okay with cruise companies since at that point in time they more control on pricing, allowing them to sell slots at higher prices.

As the departure date draws near, cruise companies start to have a hard time filling slots since potential passengers also start looking for competitive packages. This is the point where Galveston Cruises Last Minute Deals come in the picture.

It is a usual sight for cruise ships to cut prices down to one-third of the original price, even up to 75 percent if business is really slow. Although it may look that cruise companies will make little money out if this method, they look at it at a different angle. By granting discounts to passengers who look for Galveston Cruises Last Minute Deals, it gives passengers more money to spend on other things such as food, drinks, and souvenirs – things that are also available on the cruise ship.
Searching for Last Minute Galveston Cruises
Galveston Cruises Last Minute Deals

Now that you know how it works, next comes the fun part – looking for Galveston Cruises Last Minute Deals online. This activity could get a bit tricky since most travel websites generally caters to flight reservations and hotel bookings. It is seldom that these travel websites will feature cruise ship reservations.

However, there are travel websites that specialize in cruise ship packages. Once you have set a date for your vacation, all you need to do is visit these websites on a regular basis and search for the best deals at a price you are willing to pay.

For clarification, the term “last minute” refers to the time period within two weeks from your intended departure time. This “window” will give you an idea as to when would be the best time to hunt for the holy grail of cruise ship packages.

To ensure that prices showing up on your computer screen are up-to-date, clear the cookies in your browser. This allows the computer to get fresh information from the website instead of loading files stored from your previous visit.

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Choosing one of the Royal Caribbean Cruises from Galveston

Yes! As what you have heard the Royal Caribbean cruises from Galveston. Many people are interested with this trip or what do we call nature trip with the royal tour. More excitement, enjoyment and relaxation that commonly encountered though this royal cruise from Galveston during vacation holidays. It is the very best cruise lines surrounded by the most excellent.

Galveston is one of the top resorts in Texas. The Royal Caribbean cruises from Galveston offers the great and luxurious way of life. The ambiance of the cruise is just like you were in your home where you can get relaxed and having fun. These kinds of cruise lines offers all type of amnesties and enjoyment facilities for a family spending vacation holidays treat.

The cruise lines are the highlight of every tour and considering to be one of the most comfortable and entertaining lines that operate in friendly and safety seas. It is here that you can involve yourself in in a assortment of activities as cruise lines are operational with the whole thing you require to keep your body, mind and soul healthy and thoughtful.

What to Expect From Royal Caribbean Cruises

The rooms and the open cabins, the entertaining halls and dance floors are the specialties of the Royal Caribbean cruises from Galveston. There are many having a bet options like casinos and comedy clubs are all added advantages interior to the cruise line. If you want to make an adventurous sport, you have the provision for rock climbing and aquatic exercises in the pools in the ship.

If you want just spend time you have the big option for the meditation and relaxation by sitting idle. You can merge with the nature and sea, looking beyond zenith and enjoying the lifetime seclusion in the serene atmosphere. There are many sports that they’ve offer activities one can try out. These include ping pone, basketball and baseball.

It is the best way in having a vacation and has some fun with your friends and special persons in your life. You must look for the right reason for escaping this nature tour. Don’t you dare to miss this great and special treat from the Caribbean cruise lines?

Royal Caribbean cruises from Galveston. It is just a true venture and reaching beyond your imagination. A various cruise lines with distinct and variable features available through Caribbean cruise lines. It is the enhancing of the beauty from nature; there departure ports to facilitate the travelers. They will keep you away from harm and safety to all parts of the cruise lines.

Your Adventure Awaits with Cruises from Galveston

It is the greatest adventure trip that you have to encounter where you can appreciate and love the nature much. The amazing cruise lines experience comes with a price but not as much as many people do expected. For the meager sum of a few hundred dollars, you are entitled to experience the best six more days of your life.

This is the perfect vacation presents to offer your parents or else an ideal vacation hide ways to spend with your love ones. So what are you’ve waiting for? Book for your trip online and get the chance to enjoy big discounts and freebies simply by clicking the Mouse and following the instruction. Cruises lines from

Galveston will give you the perfect relaxation and to delight in the beauty and prestige of expenditure moment in time with the aquatic resources. Get pleasure from the cruise lines tour and find the way the beauty wandering in cruises and revisit joyful after the voyage. This is the enjoyment and reduction obtainable by these cruises lines.

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Taking One of the Cruises Out of Galveston Tx

Cruises out of Galveston Tx helped the city’s tourism to boost. Because of the cheap cruises offered by the cruise liners in Galveston port, many are grabbing the chance to experience cruising the Gulf of Mexico and the Western Caribbean.

Those who are not from Texas and not anywhere near Houston must know this fact, Galveston is a sleeping giant. Why? because, Galveston is rich with so many tourist destination to be proud of, more abundant than the states near it. It is called a sleeping giant because for so many years ago, Galveston was not known and appreciated for the natural beauty it possess.
Experience Galveston before Cruises Out of Galveston Texas
Only until recently that the city of Galveston was given the opportunity to make its way up to the top visited places by tourist. All kinds of entertainment are found in Galveston, from water parks, museum, historic buildings, casinos, clubs, beaches, and cruises out of Galveston TX, name it Galveston has it! If you have booked a cruise in Galveston, never leave the city without a memory of its tourist spots.
Cruising Lines offering Cruises from Galveston TX
Because of the cheap rates of cruises offered in Galveston, many are having doubts and second thoughts on the quality of service they will be receiving if they avail of the offer. To erase all these uncertainties about cruises out of Galveston TX, let us get to know the cruise liners docking in the port of Galveston.

  • Carnival: Carnival Triumph

The carnival triumph is known as the floating monument. By just looking at it, you’ll get awed by the size and length of this cruise line. When entertainment is the subject, Carnival Triumph will have an edge against other cruise liners because of its line-up of equipments for fitness and entertainment purposes, you will surely want to live for the rest of your life in this cruise liner. If you feel hot and you want to take a dip in the pool, you won’t have to worry about getting a full pool because there are 4 pools available on Carnival Triumph.

If you want to play sports with your friends, you can play basketball or play on the liners mini golf course. There are 17 bars scattered on the cruise liner, 7 Hot tubs, a beauty salon, casino, disco room, internet, laundry, library, showroom, spa, and kid’s facilities.

  • Carnival: Carnival Magic


If you are spending your cruise with your family, Carnival Magic is the right cruise liner for you because this liner is made and designed to fit the needs of families and also friends to share memorable times together. You can have a palatable meal together with your friends and family in the many restaurants available in Carnival Magic. More or less, Carnival Triumph and Carnival Magic have the same amenities and equipments aside from the additional entertainment packages of Carnival Magic such as the Seaside Theatre and Video Arcade.

Cruises Out of Galveston Tx

  • Royal Caribbean: Mariner of the Seas

The Mariner of the Seas is the most advanced cruise liner in Galveston. The liner can hold a total of 3, 114 passengers without the feeling of getting overcrowded. The Mariner of the Sea can boast for its recreational equipments such as a basketball court, an ice-skating rink and a rock climbing wall. You will never be bored on your cruise while at sea because of the availability of these recreational facilities.

  • Princess: Crown Princess

From all the Princess Liners, Crown Princess is the largest among them. The Crown Princess has a capacity of 3,080 passengers with over 900 balconies for each room to enjoy the beauty outside. Its amenities and recreational facilities are pretty much like the rest of the other cruise liners but Crown Princess will stand out in sports and fitness equipments.

So far, from the all the cruise liners offering cruises out of Galveston Tx, only Crown Princess can offer a good game of tennis with its on board tennis court.

Disney Magic was built on the year 1998. This cruise liner was built to possess speed, power and style. Disney Magic can give you and your family a great time with its amenities and entertainment facilities. What this cruise liner lack is a casino and a library but other than that, they have everything to entertain their passengers and make cruises out of Galveston Tx an experience worth remembering.




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Cruises from Galveston – The Best Vacation Choices

Cruises from Galveston is on the rise and is competing against other known and famous cruise destinations like Europe, Bermuda, Hawaii, Orient and Asia, Mexico, Bahamas and so much more. As our lifestyle becomes more and more toxic, we would certainly want to have a time off from everything and enjoy a week with just pure entertainment and fun. Getting on board of these cruising lines is a great gift you can treat to yourself, loved ones, and friends

Because of discounted cruises from Galveston, it gave way to the development of their tourism and it is one of the top tourist places in United States because it attracted millions of tourist.
Experience Fun with Cruises from Galveston Texas
This coastal island can boast for their different scenic views ranging from fine sand beaches to historic museums. The top tourist places that you don’t want to miss in visiting Galveston are:

  • Schlitterbahn Waterpark, which will let you play and enjoy the water to its fullest. If you are into games and adventures that gives you an adrenaline rush such as water coaster rides, raging water rapids, and man-made wave pools that lets you test your surfing skills then Schilitterbahn Waterpark is the best deal for you. Why go to other places to experience all these stuff when you can try it all out in cruises from Galveston?
  • Another great attraction that you can visit in Galveston is the Moody Garden. This unique attraction will surely take your breath away with its pyramid shaped aquarium displaying all kinds of sea creatures like sharks, penguin, eels, seals, sea turtle, and tropical fishes. If you are into science and you want to learn new information, visit Discovery Museum.

Moody Garden does not only have an aquarium pyramid, it also has a rainforest pyramid that allows you to feel like you’re in a real rainforest. This 10 story pyramid structure has its own Amazon River and even real jungle creatures such as monkeys and sloths.

  • Be part of the islands history by visiting historic museums and buildings such as the Railroad Museum, Lone Star Museum and Ancestral Homes.

Cruises from the Galveston Port You Can Catch this 2012
Cruises from Galveston

More tourists are choosing cruises from Galveston to be one of the places to visit because of its rich tourism. If you are planning to take cruises from Galveston, here are cruise schedules in 2012 that you can choose to book your vacation.

For the month of January

  • Royal Caribbean: Mariner of the Seas and Carnival: Carnival Magic will set sail on January 22 at 4:30 pm with a starting price of $629.
  • Carnival: Carnival Triumph will begin its cruise on January 26 for only $379.
  • Royal Caribbean: Mariner of the Seas and Carnival: Carnival Magic will depart from Galveston on day 1 (January 29) at 4:30 pm with a price of $739 and $649 respectively.
  • Carnival: Carnival Triumph will begin its cruise on January 30 at 4:00 pm with a starting base price of $359.

For the month of February

  • Carnival: Carnival Triumph is offering a cruise for only $369 and will depart from Galveston on February 4 at 4:00 pm and will visit Progreso and Island of Cozumel.
  • Royal Caribbean: Mariner of the Seas and Carnival: Carnival Magic will set sail on February 5 for $589.
  • Carnival: Carnival Triumph will depart on February 9 with starting price offered for only $499.
  • Royal Caribbean: Mariner of the Seas and Carnival: Carnival Magic will begin its cruise on February 12 with starting price of $789 and $929.
  • Carnival: Carnival Triumph will cruise on February 13 at starting price of $389.
  • Carnival: Carnival Triumph will depart from Galveston on February 18 with starting price at $379.

These are the schedules of the cruise liners offering cruises from Galveston on mid-January and early February. If you want to get a year list of the cruise itinerary, you can look for it on However, if you already made up your mind and you have chosen a date and a cruise liner to take, you can contact your nearest travel agent and ask for assistance in booking for cruises from Galveston.


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Top Cruises from Galveston TX Leaving This Year

Cruises from Galveston TX are the best deal ever according to those who have already tried the cruise itinerary. Not only will you enjoy the amenities found on the cruising line but most importantly, you will also enjoy the scenic views that Galveston can offer.

What will you enjoy with your 5 to 7 days cruising at the Western Caribbean? The cruising line alone can offer you with so much pleasure and excitement. Mariners of the Seas have night bars, clubs, piano room, casinos and much more to entertain you from day to night. There are no dull and boring moments when you are on board of Mariners of the Sea.

With only less than $500, you can now reward yourself with a Caribbean cruise starting from Galveston, Texas going to different drop offs like Roatan, Cozumel, Belize City, Montego Bay, and Grand Cayman. More and more tourists are heading to the port of Texas to avail of the cheap cruises from Galveston TX. It is preferred by many travelers especially those who are living near Texas to depart from Galveston in visiting the Western Caribbean.
The Increasing Demands of Cruises from Galveston Texas
Texas became popular to avid travelers and tourists because of the cheap cruise rate they are offering and the wonderful places included in the cruise. We all know for a fact that the Caribbean is one of the most top grossing cruising destinations since years way back before and to avail to cruises from Galveston TX going to the Western Caribbean for a cheap price is the best deal anyone would surely want to grab. This opportunity given by cruising lines to tourists and travelers also helped the local economy of Galveston to reach a considerably high tourism profit.

Because of the wide success of cruises from Galveston TX, two more cruising line will be added to the port of Galveston to cater the increasing flocking of tourist and travelers booking for cruises from Galveston TX. With these additional cruising lines docking on the ports of Galveston, it is anticipated that an increase in the number of tourist visiting Texas will occur for the years to come. As per 2007 statistics, Galveston captured the interest of 5.4 million individuals who visited the place for its tourist destinations.
Cruises out of the Galveston Texas port versus other Cruises from different Ports
What makes cruises from Galveston best compared to other cruises in other ports? It is considered the best because of so many reasons and one of it is the affordability of cruises offered from Galveston. From all the other reasons, this is by far the most relevant that made a great impact in the success of cruises in Galveston.

Cruises from Galveston TX

Next to the affordability of the cruise is the travel itinerary. Before cruises from Galveston TX were offered, travelers and tourists on cruise would need to spend much just to visit the places in the Western Caribbean but now, with the availability of the cruises in Galveston; you don’t need a big sum of money to reach these places. With just $379, you can visit the places you’ve been dreaming to set your feet on.

Compared to other ports offering more or less the same cruise itinerary, they are asking for a bigger starting price and even twice higher than the starting price offered at Galveston. Who would want to spend twice as much when the amenities and services given to both ports are of the same quality? You can enjoy the same amenities to stay out of boredom and have a good time on the clubs and bars on both cruising lines.

For practical reasons, more are getting wiser in deciding to avail of the cruises from Galveston than choosing other departing ports. Those who want to experience the Caribbean cruise living near the state of Texas are advised to take the cruises from Galveston to save for the airfare they will be spending in going to other ports.

If you want to know more about the Cruises from Galveston TX and you want to book for a cruise, check out for more information about the cruise liner and cruise itinerary.

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Cheap Cruises from Galveston

Cheap Cruises from Galveston are the most in demand cruises all year long. Every individual who wants to spend their free time in a place full of tourist destinations will always prefer to choose cheap cruises from Galveston. A cruise in Galveston, Texas will last between 4 nights and 8 nights with great accommodations on every ship.

To give you a heads up on which cruise liner offers you a trip to Galveston, here’s the four cruising lines that you should remember: Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas. You can never go wrong when choosing to visit this majestic place.
What Makes a Cheap Cruise From Galveston Stand Out?
So, why Galveston? Let us first get a short glimpse of why cheap cruises from Galveston are chosen by many. Galveston is in Galveston Island located in the Texas of the United States. This island is famous for being a rich tourist destination. According to sources, Galveston’s tourism brought hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy of the island and in 2007, Galveston captured the interest of about 5.3 million tourists and this rate is growing as years pass.

Getting a place to stay in Galveston is so easy because you can select from the vast range of different businesses offering rooms for rent, grand hotel accommodation, affordable lodging house, on the go hostels, vacation inns, and relaxing resorts—all these can be found in the heart of Galveston.

When talking about places to visit, a list from one to ten is not enough to enumerate it all. For you to know a little about Galveston’s tourist spots here’s the most known places you should not miss to visit: Lone Star Flight Museum, Schlitterbahn Water Park, Galveston Railroad Museum, Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum, Moody Gardens Botanical Park, and the historic structure called as The Strand.
What to Expect from the Cheapest Cruises from Galveston
Hearing the word cheap cruises will surely ring a bell especially to those avid travelers. Going to a cruise is proportional to having a big sum of money to pay for all the expenses, everyone wants to get the most out of what they pay for, and cruises are no exemption.

Every cruising line is very much aware of this fact, that’s why there are cheap cruises from Galveston. Even with the coined word cheap, the services and amenities offered by these cruising lines traveling to Galveston are still exceptional. The feeling of boredom will be elusive to you ones you are on board of these cruising lines.

If you are planning to set sail and experience this one of a kind adventure cruise, you can choose from these different itineraries prepared to you by cruising lines.

Cheap Cruises from Galveston

Seven fun-filled nights of cheap cruises from Galveston to the Western Caribbean! Day 1 starts in Galveston with departure time at 4:30 pm, Day 2 and Day 3 both set for cruising, Day 4 will be at Roatan arriving at 8:00 am and departs at 5:00 pm. Day 5 will be on Belize City arriving at 8:00 am and departs at 5:00 pm, Day 6 will be on Cozumel arriving at 8:00 am and departs at 5:00 pm, Day 7 is set for cruising and Day 8 will be back in Galveston arriving at 7:00 am. You can catch this 2012 cruise on these dates: January 15, January 29, February 12, February 26, March 11, March 25, and April 8.

  • From Carnival Cruise: Carnival Triumph

You can choose from two (7) day destinations. First choice will be on the Eastern Caribbean cruise where you can savor the clear beaches. The other is on the Western Caribbean cruise where you can have an unlimited time with the sun and sea of Ocho Rios, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman. Carnival cruise have the best entertainment showcase from a piano bar, a nightclub, casinos, spas, health clubs and even pools.

  • From Disney Cruise: Disney Magic

Six nights cruise from Galveston to Mexico to the Caribbean. Day 1 will be the departure on Galveston, Day 2 and Day 3 will be at sea, Day 4 will be on Grand Cayman, Day 5 will be on Cozumel in Mexico, Day 6 will be at the sea, Day 7 will be back on Galveston, Texas. Catch these cheap cruises from Galveston on December 15, 2012 and December 29, 2012.


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