The Best Cruises Leaving From Galveston TX

What could be more exciting than cruises leaving from Galveston TX? Everyone needs a break from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life. A 2010 study on happiness levels among the Dutch revealed that the simple act of planning a vacation could boost happiness levels on adults for eight weeks.

After the vacation, it shows that happiness levels remained high for two weeks, particularly those who described their trip as “very relaxing”. If it works for our friends from the Netherlands, why not for you?

Planning for a five to seven day vacation aboard a cruise ship normally takes weeks before you target departure date. With so many vacation destinations to choose from, why not choose something that will create lasting memories such as Caribbean cruise? Just imagine getting your feet away from dry land for a couple of days with a loved one or the whole family.

Think about smelling the fresh ocean breeze and seeing water and islands for miles in every direction, far away from the smog and noise of the jungle made of concrete, steel, and glass. From the moment you set your feet on the cruise ship, all you have to do is relax to your heart’s content.

Caribbean cruises are easily accessible from several ports from the southern states of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. If you want the best deals, it is highly recommended that you choose Caribbean Cruises leaving from Galveston TX.

Compared to other port cities, cruises leaving from Galveston TX are much cheaper, not to mention the fact that it offers a superb selection of cruise ships such as the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas, Carnival Magic, Carnival Triumph, and soon, the Princess’ Crown Princess and Disney Magic.
Cruises from Galveston TX: Meet the Ships
Here are some of the Caribbean Cruises leaving from Galveston TX.

1.Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas

This Voyager-class cruise ship features a wonderful collection of amenities, facilities, and activities that will make your vacation a one-of-a-kind cruise experience. The ship has 15 decks, 10 pools and whirlpools, 17 bars, clubs, and lounges, a basketball court, an ice-skating rink, a rock wall, and a mini golf course. For a taste of Las Vegas in the middle of the ocean, 283 slot machines and 16 tables await you at the Vegas-style Casino Royale.

2. Carnival Magic

This Dream-class cruise ship is the largest among the Carnival Cruise Lines fleet. According to the company, the ship is designed to provide fun to passenger on a 27/7 basis. It has sports facilities, fitness center, hair and beauty salon, jogging track, spa facilities, live music, karaoke, comedy club, nightclub, casino, and an assortment of dining establishments.

3. Princess Cruises Crown Princess

The ship is one of Princess Cruises’ largest, able to accommodate 3,080 passengers and boasts 900 balconies. The Crown Princess has a remarkable assortment of amenities and facilities for dining, entertainment, and sports and fitness. The cruise also features fun activities for children and teens.
Getting More at Galveston with Cruises Leaving From Galveston Texas
cruises leaving from Galveston TX

Most of the tourists who take a week long Caribbean cruises leaving from Galveston TX will find the city of Galveston worth visiting too. A significant percentage of cruise ship vacationers also visit the city before or after the cruise. Major tourist attractions include historical mansions, buildings, museums, botanical parks, beaches, a neighborhood of Victorian-era buildings called the Strand, the Elissa (the official Tall Ship of Texas), World War II-era submarine USS Cavalla, and the destroyer escort USS Stewart. The city also plays host to several festivals such as an annual Mardi Gras, a Victorian-themed Christmas festival, and a jazz and blues festival.